These Colorful Buildings From Around the World Will Really Brighten Up Your Day

Anything bright and colorful brings out the best in people, so here are beautiful and colorful buildings and homes from around the world! Madrid, Spain Mykonos, Greece Neal’s Yard, London Rainbow House, Brooklyn Rainbow House, USA Ramenskoye, Russia Rio de Janeiro, Brazil San Francisco Singapore Venezuela Vilnius, Lithuania Wall that plays music while it rains […]

Guy Travels to Australia For a Year and Takes Some of the Most Stunning Photographs

Johan Lolos leaves everything behind and takes an amazing trip throughout Australia. Visiting every province, Johan takes some incredible photographs and hopes to inspire other to travel as well. This totally inspires me to travel more! If you enjoyed this post, please share with others by clicking the button below:) We post stuff just like […]

Here Are 22 People Who Ruined Their Faces…On Purpose

These people do NOT want to be taken seriously. Just look at what they did to their faces! #1. This beautiful lady #2. This face #3. This innocent man #4. This horrible makeup job #5. This…thing #6. Worst makeup ever #7. Billboard face guy #8. Checkerboard face #9. Darth flower tattoo #10. Double eyebrows OH […]

Beautiful Photographs of Some of the Most Elusive Frogs Were Captured

These frogs are rarely seen or photographed, so to look upon these pictures is truly a blessing! Reticulated Glass Frog Cuchumatan Golden Toad Eyelash Frog Gliding Treefrog Golfo Dulce Poison Dart Frog Hourglass Frog Lazarus Frog Macaya Breast Spot Frog Masked Treefrog Palawan Horned Frog Red Eyed Treefrog Beautiful, aren’t they? Don’t forget to share […]

29 Portraits of Animal Families That Will Make You Aww <3

Animals take family portraits too…they’re just cuter though! #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 #11 #12 #13 #14 #15 #16 #17 #18 #19 #20 #21 #22 #23 #24 #25 #26 #27 #28 #29 Best. Family. Portraits. EVER! Don’t forget to share with your friends:) We post stuff just like this every […]

16 Things That Hilariously Look Like Other Things. What The Hell?

I don’t know who noticed these things, but they’re geniuses! Who wore it better? Who wore it better? Part 2 Towel dog This baby and the Michelin man Rihanna and Arizona green tea Real life Cartman Puppy and teddy twins Puppies look like fried chicken Nicki Minaj and this troll doll Michael Jackson and this […]

30 Stunning Photographs of the Color Spectrums and Transition of Fall

Autumn colors are just about the prettiest colors you can see in nature, so let’s commemorate fall with these wonderful photographs! Really makes you appreciate the seasons, doesn’t it? Don’t forget to share on Facebook by clicking the button below:) We post stuff just like this every day on Facebook!

33 of the Most Bizarre & Outrageous Hair Styles You’ll Ever See

Some of these might have been for Halloween, but I have a feeling that most…weren’t. 1. The choppa 2. The cousin IT 3. The mega pouff 4. The sailboat 5. The WTF?!? 6. The WTF?!? Part 2 7. The tomato 8. The wild horse 9. The wolverine 10. The all seeing eye 11. The anal […]

20 Halloween Foods That Look Super Gross But Probably Taste Super Good

Happy Halloween! If you haven’t already started your Halloween baking, now’s probably the time to do it. Here are some inspirational foods! #1. Skin cake #2. Skull shaped breakfast egg #3.Snake cake #4. Witch’s finger cookies #5. Zombie brain jello shots #6. Cannibal hot dogs #7. Carved skull watermelons #8. Cookie ears #9. Dexter’s bloodslide […]

20 Animals With Unusual But Beautiful Colors Like You’ve Never Seen Them Before.

Sometimes nature takes it upon herself to create something truly unique and beautiful. Pink Orchid Mantis Pink Robin Purple Snail Rainbow Cricket Red Slug Red Velvet Ant Regal Ring Neck Snake White Peacock Albino Crow Albino Squirrel All Black Rooster Blue and Green Parakeet Blue Lobster Chimeric Lobster Halloween Crab Indian Bull Frog Nicobar Pigeon […]

2-Year-Old Girl is Beating You at Halloween With Adorable Costumes

Mother of 2-year-old Willow, takes some beautiful Halloween pictures of her daughter. Princess Kate and Prince William See’s Candies Clerk The Price is Right Contestant Troll Doll Annie and Daddy Warbucks Cabbage Patch Kid Elliott from E.T. Flashdance Frida Gilligan and the Skipper Hot dog on a stick unfirom In N’ Out employee Lt. Dan […]