If you're looking to learn how to grow lime trees from seeds, indoors, or just in your garden, you've come to the right place! Lime trees can be grown in many different ways as well as in different climates, and this guide will give you step by step instructions that will make growing lime trees a breeze! Lime trees are super fun to grow, and, once you see the tiny little limes on your tree, you'll be over the moon!

How to Grow Lime Trees

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Planting Lime Trees:

  • You can choose to grow lime trees from seeds or you can also purchase a small tree from a nursery, but growing them from seed is actually very easy and much more rewarding!
  • Plant your lime tree or your lime seed in a location where it will get the most sun (this goes the same for whether you're planting directly outdoors or in a pot)
  • Plant in well draining soil and if planting in a pot, be sure your pot has good drainage holes as well.
  • When backfilling, make sure that the soil around the seed or the root ball is tapped firmly down.
  • Water immediately after planting.

Lime Tree Care:

lime tree

  • Water regularly. If your lime tree isn't getting enough water, leaves will start to fall, so be sure to water on a regular basis, especially during warm summer months.
  • Fertilize every few months. Lime trees are heavy feeders and prefer compost or a nitrogen rich fertilizer.
  • Keep your lime trees nice and warm. Lime trees cannot tolerate temperatures below 50F (10C).

So now that you know how to grow lime trees, it's time to roll up your sleeves and get to planting!

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How to Grow Lime Trees

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