Succulents make a great addition to any home or garden, and they're valued for their low maintenance style. Once planted, succulents don't really need any care, and very little water. These little plants make excellent office companions and add a dose of fresh oxygen to any more! Today we'll show you how to plant succulents in containers with our easy to follow gardening guide!

How to Plant Succulents

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Remove Succulents From Pot

After you've purchased your succulents from your local nursery, it's important to remove your succulents from their pot. More than likely, the pot they've been in is too small for them, and the soil is sometimes too dense. Try to remove as much of the soil as you can from the succulents' roots without damaging them.

Fill Your Pot With Soil

Choose a pot to put your succulents in, and fill that pot with succulent soil. Fill the pot almost to the top, and leave just enough room for the succulents to go in.

Planting Time

It's now time to plant your succulents! Nestle the roots into the soil and place the succulents wherever you want them! Add more soil so that the pot is filled but not enough to cover the leaves of the succulents.

Add a Dressing

To finish, add a top dressing to your pot such as small gravel stones, or even something colorful – it's completely up to you! This will ensure that the succulent soil will stay in place.

Let Rest

After you've planted your succulent, do NOT water it! Instead, wait for one or two days for the soil to settle before watering. The resting period gives the roots enough time to heal before they can soak the water up.

Follow the steps above and you'll have beautiful succulents in no time!

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How to Plant Succulents

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