You've undoubtedly seen those upside down growing tomatoes, but have you ever seen peppers grown upside down? Although not super popular yet, we've done a little research to see if we could grow peppers upside down and the result…YES it's absolutely possible! It seems like peppers don't mind being upside down at all (probably because they have shallow roots), and, in fact, seem to thrive!

So why would you grow peppers upside down? Well for starters, it'll save you a ton of garden space – upside down peppers can be hung almost anywhere and you don't need to worry about extra garden space! Secondly, you don't have to worry about pests and diseases as the pepper is up in the air so there is no worry of soil disease!

How to Grow Peppers Upside Down – A DIY Guide

upside down peppers

Choosing a Container:

For the container, you can use practically anything that will hold up soil. Things such as a re-purposed container with a hole through the bottom, or a bucket with a lid which will help keep the container upside down. If you do have a bucket with a lid, you can also consider growing some herbs on top of the bucket!

If you're using a re-purposed container, drill a hole through the bottom, thread the seedling through the bottom, and add a coffee filter or newspaper to keep dirt from falling out of the hole.


Drill about a 2 inch hole at the bottom of the container and use a coffee filter or newspaper to anchor the plant in place. Slowly and gently push the pepper plant through the hole so that it hangs out the bottom with its roots inside the container.

After that, begin filling in around the plant roots with potting mix, tamping the soil as you grow. Continue to fill the container until you reach about an inch from its rim. Water thoroughly until you see water drain out and then hang your upside down pepper plant.

So now that you know how to grow peppers upside down, it's time to roll up your sleeves and get to planting!

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Grow Peppers Upside Down

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