Tomatoes are one of the most popular vegetables you can grow, but what about their companion plants? Can you grow other vegetables or plants alongside tomatoes? The answer is absolutely yes! While there ARE veggies that should never be grown with tomatoes such as corn or potatoes, there are plenty that get along just fine! Keep reading to find out which vegetables grow alongside tomatoes and have your best garden ever!

Vegetables to Grow Alongside Tomatoes

Plant the following vegetables to grow alongside tomatoes:

#1. Carrots

carrots and tomatoes

Plant carrots early in the season before tomatoes take off, and then plant another set of carrots once the tomato plants are on their last leg. This way, the carrots and tomatoes don't compete with soil space! Learn more about how to grow carrots!

#2. Peppers

peppers and tomatoes

Tomatoes and peppers make excellent garden companions and you can even plant them together at the same time as they won't compete for soil space! Learn more about how to grow peppers!

#3. Onions

onions in the garden

Onions and tomatoes go hand in hand when it comes to your vegetable garden! Learn more about how to grow onions!

#4. Lettuce

indoor lettuce

Lettuce is another great companion to tomatoes, as are most leafy greens. This is because together, they act as a living mulch and will make for cooler soil. Learn more about how to grow lettuce!

#5. Garlic

how to grow garlic

Garlic, much like onions, doesn't compete with tomatoes for soil space, and also helps to add nutrients to the soil. Learn more about how to grow garlic!

So now that you know which vegetables to grow alongside tomatoes, it's time to roll up your sleeves and get to planting!

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Vegetables to Grow Alongside Tomatoes
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