Planting and growing garlic is one of the easiest things you can do! Garlic is an amazing herb that everyone should have in their homes! It combats many illnesses and is also good for the heart. Plus, garlic makes every and any dish absolutely delicious – can you even have TOO much garlic? It would be hard! Today we'll show you how to plant and grow garlic in your own home!

How to Plant Garlic


Garlic is a late planter and likes to grow in colder conditions. So if you live in a temperate climate, plant your garlic in the fall and leave it there all winter long – garlic is frost resistant. But, garlic can also be planted in the spring! This is why it's so easy to plant and grow garlic – it will grow in almost any conditions!

Planting Garlic:

how to grow garlic

  1. Start by breaking apart the cloves from a garlic bulb, making sure to leave the papery husk on.
  2. Plant the cloves about a month before hard frost sets in.
  3. Purchase your cloves from a nursery or online – do not use cloves from the store as they are a different variety and may be almost impossible to regrow!
  4. Plant your garlic cloves in an area that will receive plenty of sun and where the soil is well drained.
  5. Add organic matter to your soil so that your garlic will grow faster and healthier.
  6. Please note that these instructions can be followed for growing garlic in a pot as well!
  7. Plant your garlic cloves 4 inches apart and 2 inches deep.
  8. Make sure when you plant your garlic it is in the upright position!
  9. Come spring, shoots will emerge from the ground, letting you know your garlic is finally making headway!

Caring For Garlic

  1. Mulch heavily during the winter months to keep the garlic plant safe!
  2. Remove the mulch once frost has passed.
  3. If you see any flower shoots come up, cut them off. Flower shoots will grow smaller bulbs.
  4. During bulbing, water every 3-5 days (May through June).

Harvesting Garlic

harvested garlic

  1. You can harvest your garlic once you see yellow tops.
  2. The tops will begin to yellow and fall over – this is when you should harvest.
  3. Dig around the bulb very carefully and gently pull the plant out.
  4. Your garlic is now ready to be consumed!

Happy Planting!

grow garlic

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