Tomatoes have to be one of the most grown vegetables (or fruit?) in the world, and that's because they're so incredibly versatile! They're often found in many dishes and can be stored in many different ways including canned, diced, frozen, or fresh – the ways are really endless! Today we'll show you 5 ways to stake tomatoes so that you can have a bountiful, healthy tomato harvest! Because tomatoes grow up vertically, it's important to stake them so that they don't become heavy and snap under pressure.

5 Ways to Stake Tomatoes

#1. Tomato Cage

tomato cage

The tomato cage is one of the most popular ways to stake tomatoes because it's fairly easy to make! Use strong fencing and wooden or metal posts to build your own. This way of staking tomatoes is great for those who are only growing a few plants.

#2. Single Stake

single stake tomatoes

Simply drive a stake near your plant into the ground and tie with a string. This method is best for those who are planting lots of tomatoes or even just a few – it's cheap and easy to do!

#3. The Florida Weave

florida weave tomatoes

The Florida Weave is a system which consists of weaving tomato twine between posts and plants to hold up the plants and fruits.

#4. Vertical String Trellis

vertical string trellis

Vertical string trellis is a common support system for tomatoes grown in greenhouses but it will also work in a small garden. To begin, you will need a frame to support the strings, such as an A-frame. Tie the strings to the top bar of the frame and then either loop it around the root ball of your plant or tie it to a bottom support bar. Then simply wrap the string around the plant as it grows (you can also use tomato clips).

#5. The Fence Panel

tomato fence panel

Wire fencing is another great way to stake tomatoes! Simply pound 2 metal t-posts into the ground and stretch your wire fencing between them. Then, tie the stems with twine or string just as you would with a stake!

So now that you know these 5 ways to stake tomatoes, it's time to roll up your sleeves and get to planting!

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ways to stake tomatoes

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