If you like the idea of growing your own fruit trees, you'll love these dwarf citrus trees that can be easily grown right in your backyard! Dwarf citrus trees are miniature sizes of the regular sized trees; whether they be oranges, limes, or lemon trees, the possibilities are endless!

Not only is growing your own citrus trees super rewarding, but it also saves you a ton of money, and is a great way to have fruits in small spaces! Another great benefit to growing small citrus trees is that they grow easily in pots, making them the perfect decorative tree as well!

There really is nothing better than having fresh citrus fruit at your fingertips, is there? Having your own personal citrus trees is fun and will also open up your culinary dishes to many new possibilities.

Dwarf Citrus Trees

dwarf orange tree


ClimateWaterLightSizePlanting Time
USDA zones 8-11. Temperatures
must be above 10F (-12C).
2-8 ft
Fall or Spring

Dwarf Citrus Varieties:

Dwarf Orange Varieties:

dwarf orange tree
  • “Washington” navel oranges
  • Valencia oranges
  • Palestine Jaffa oranges
  • Trovita oranges
  • Robertson navel oranges (smaller)
  • Marrs oranges (smaller)
  • Sanguinelli blood oranges
  • Moro blood oranges
  • Tarocco blood oranges
  • Bouquet de Fleurs (sour orange)
  • Chinotto (sour orange)

Dwarf Mandarin Varieties:

tangerine tree

Lemon & Lime Dwarf Varieties:

dwarf meyer lemon tree
  • Improved Meyer lemons
  • Ponderosa lemons
  • Variegated Pink lemons
  • Eureka lemons
  • Bearss limes
  • Mexican limes
  • Kieffer limes

Grapefruit Dwarf Varieties:

dwarf grapefruit tree
  • Cocktail
  • Oroblanco
  • Redblush
  • Rio Red
  • Star Ruby

Kumquat Dwarf Varieties:

dwarf citrus trees
  • Fukushu
  • Marumi
  • Meiwa
  • Nagami

Dwarf Citrus Tree Planting Tips:

In The Ground: Plant in full sun and in well draining soil. Dig a hole that's the same depth and about 2-3 times as wide as the container or pot. Set the small tree into the hole and tamp the soil down. Add a stake for support if needed. Water thoroughly right after planting. Surround the plant with mulch to help retain moisture.

In Pots/Containers: For a 1 year old tree, choose containers that are 12 inches wide. A 14 inch wide container may be needed for older trees. Fill pot with a good quality potting soil, and tamp down. Water thoroughly and place in the sun.

Caring For Dwarf Citrus Trees:

  • Feed your citrus trees three times a year using a citrus fertilizer: in later winter, spring, and summer.
  • Water thoroughly and regularly, especially during droughts.
  • Prune the trees back on a regular basis to keep their small size. Some citrus trees can reach up to 8 feet tall in height, so prune them regularly.
  • Enjoy the fragrant flowers of the trees and shrubs you've grown!

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Dwarf Citrus Trees
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