Want to know how to grow parsley from seed? It's actually easier than you might think! Parsley is a herb that has hundreds of culinary uses, and can add so much dimension to any dish including soups, stews, and sauces. Having a fresh parsley plant in your kitchen not only makes a beautiful plant, but will also continuously reward you with fresh herb that can transform any dish! So if you're ready to grow parsley from seed, let's get started!

Grow Parsley From Seed

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Parsley is a biennial plant with a very distinctive aroma and is in the same family as dill. Its freshness brings a wonderful addition to any garden or windowsill!

How to Plant Parsley:

  • Plant parsley seeds indoors in individual pots about 10-12 weeks before the last spring frost.
  • For better germination, you can soak seeds overnight.
  • You can also plant seeds 3-4 weeks before the last spring frost, as parsley can endure colder weather.
  • Choose a sunny, sheltered spot where high winds won't reach the parsley plant.
  • Plant seeds 6-8 inches apart in rich, moist soil.
  • Your parsley plants should sprout within just 3 weeks.
  • For best growth, make sure the soil is at least 70F in temperature.
  • You can plant parsley near corn, asparagus, and tomatoes.

How to Care for Parsley:

  • Water your parsley frequently, especially during germination time.
  • Once grown, water evenly and frequently.

Harvesting Parsley:

  • You can harvest your parsley plant once the leaf stems have about three segments.
  • Cut leaves from the outer portion of the plant, but leave the inner portions of the plant so that it can mature.

Happy Planting!

Grow Parsley From Seed

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