Also known as craned orchid or fringed orchid, the egret flower produces strappy, deep green leaves with beautiful white flowers that look like white birds in flight. Today we will show you how to grow egret flowers with our easy to follow gardening guide. Native to Asia, the egret flower is a type of terrestrial orchid that grows primarily in grassy wetlands, shady glades, or bogs. You can grow egret flowers in USDA zones 5-10, but with proper care and attention, can also be grown in more northern areas.

How to Grow Egret Flowers in Your Garden

egret flowers

Planting Egret Flowers:

  • Egret flowers are great to grow because once you plant a few bulbs, they'll easily multiply filling your garden with beautiful white flowers.
  • Plant bulbs in spring with the pointy sides up, just below the surface of the soil.
  • They perform best in well drained soil in full sunlight or even partial shade.
  • If you decide to grow in pots, use a potting mix that is formulated for orchids.

Caring for Egret Flowers:

  • Once planted, water your egret bulbs lightly.
  • Keep the soil moist.
  • Once the plant has been established, increase the amount of water.
  • During flowering, fertilize your egret flowers every other week using a dilute (10-20%) liquid fertilizer.
  • Water regularly until the flower stops blooming.
  • Decrease watering regularly as temperatures drop.
  • If you live in a cool climate, dig the bulbs for storage, allow them to dry, and store them in damp perlite.

Now that you know how to grow egret flowers, it's time to roll up your sleeves and get to planting!

Happy Planting!

How to Grow Egret Flowers

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