Want to learn how to improve garden soil without spending a ton of money? This article will show you how you can quickly and cheaply improve garden soil just by using all natural food scraps that you would normally throw in the trash! 

No, you don't have to have a compost heap to do this – improving garden soil is a lot easier than you think! 

Improve Garden Soil With These 3 Kitchen Scraps

#1. Eggshells

eggshells in garden

Save all of your eggshells and wash out any leftover egg residue. Place them on a tray in a sunny spot and leave them to dry for a few days. Once dried, crush them up and sprinkle them directly onto your garden soil. 

Eggshells add calcium to the soil, improve soil drainage, and enrich the soil with vitamins and minerals. They are also excellent for deterring slugs and snails. Simply scatter the eggshells around to form a barrier – the slugs and snails will not enter that area! 

Eggshells also promote growth and will help to prevent blossom end rot in tomatoes and squash plants

#2. Coffee Grounds

Coffee Grounds in Soil

Coffee grounds make for excellent soil additives because they act as a natural fertilizer. They improve soil drainage, aeration, and water retention. They also add a good dose of nitrogen to the soil which is very beneficial. 

Especially for plants that love acid, coffee can do a world of good! You can also use coffee grounds as mulch – just sprinkle used coffee grounds directly onto the soil! 

Note: if you're not a coffee drinker, you can also use used tea bags!

#3. Banana Peels

banana peels in garden

If you love eating bananas, you're going to love this tip! Banana peels can be used to improve garden soil by cutting them up in small pieces and sprinkling them onto the soil.

Banana peels produce new organic matter, encourage earthworms, and add vitamins and minerals to the soil. 

You can use any or all 3 of these ingredients to improve garden soil in a pinch!

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Improve Garden Soil
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