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After Seeing These 27 Pictures, You’ll Cringe HARD

Tempting fate is NOT something you should do, EVER. People often taken very dangerous risks and try to see how far they can really go, but sometimes, that can end in disaster. These next pictures are of people tempting their fate or just doing something really weird and creepy…you’ll see why! #1. I guess WalMart… Read More »

This Guy’s GF Died 2 Years Ago…Now She’s Messaging Him on FB – This Will Haunt Me Forever

Loosing a loved one can’t possibly be easy by any means, but what this poor guy had to endure 1 year AFTER his girlfriend died is more than anyone could take. Nathan and his girlfriend Emily had been dating for about 5 years when she suddenly passed away in 2012 in a horrific car accident.… Read More »

8 Freaky Signs That PROVE the Future is NOW

We always tend to think ahead of time. We think about what will happen this weekend, next year, or in 10 years. But if we look very closely, we’ll see that the future is actually NOW. Everything we thought of years and years ago is actually happening right now! Self-driving cars, incredibly smart phones, synthetic… Read More »

These Are The Most Horrifying Pictures EVER Taken With An iPhone…WTF!

If you have an iPhone, you’d undoubtedly used the panoramic feature…and came across something completely weird. You see, if your hand isn’t extremely steady while taking a panoramic photo, you’ll end up with something like this: #1. A headless man #2. Half a dog #3. Deformed face person #4. The elongated person #5. Distorted face… Read More »

Here Are 19 Vintage Easter Bunnies That Will Haunt Your Dreams Forever…WTF

Whoever thought these Easter bunny costumes were a good idea, was seriously deranged! I can’t unsee! #1. This one will DEFINITELY will haunt your dreams! Look at those evil eyes…what the hell?!? #2. No Mr. Bunny, I don’t wanna go behind your shed! #3. Uhm…is this even a bunny? What the hell is this supposed… Read More »