AMAZING, Eye-Opening Photos: See How Much Each Country Spends on Groceries a Week!

We all know how much we spend on groceries each month, but have you ever thought about how much money other countries spend? These amazing photos show you just that: how many groceries each country consumes per week and for how much.

Japan $317/week

japan 317

Italy $260/week

italy 260

India $39/week

india 39

Guatemala $75/week

guatemala 75

Greenland $277/week

greenland 277

Germany $325/week

germany 325

Great Britain $253/week

gb 253

France $419/week

france 419

Egypt $68/week

egypt 68

Ecuador $31/week

ecuador 31

China $155/week

china 155

Chad $1.26/week

chad 1.26

Canada $345/week

canada 345

Bhutan $5/week

bhutan 5

Australia $376/week

australia 376

United States $242/week

242 us

United States $341/week

us 341

United States $150/week

us 150

Turkey $145/week

turkey 145

Poland $151/week

poland 151

Norway $731/week

norway 731

Norway $379/week

norway 379

Mongolia $40/week

mongolia 40

Mexico $189/week

mexico 189

Mali $26/week

mali 26

Luxembourg $465/week

luxembourg 465

Kuwait $221/week

kuwait 221

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