You Will NEVER Go In The Ocean After Seeing This! OMG! How Are These Things Even REAL?!?

The ocean is FULL of things we can’t even BEGIN to understand, and these next sea creatures are so alien-like, they almost don’t look real. So next time you’re in the ocean, watch your step, because you never know when you might encounter the next sea creature.

#1. Mola Mola

mola mola

#2. Pink See-Through Fantasia

pink see-through fantasia

#3. Red Lipped Batfish

red lipped batfish

#4. Ribbon Eel

#5. Salp


#6. Sarcastic Fringehead

sarcastic fringehead

#7. Squidworm


#8. Waterbear

A water bear (Paramacrobiotus craterlaki).

#9. Barreleye


#10. Blobfish


#11. Goblin Shark

goblin shark

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