19 Black People Who Are Definitely Not Amused By White People

By | April 18, 2015

Seriously people, get it together!

This lady

this lady

This man who is clearly unimpressed by this children’s book

this man unimpressed childrens book

This man who doesn’t think changing a tire is a photo op

tire change not a phot op

This unimpressed toddler

unimpressed toddler

Your co-worker who is completely embarrassed by your hand gestures

ur coworker whos embarrased by ur hand movenemtn

This guy who can’t believe he was asked this question

cant believe he asked that q

cant believe he asked that q2

cant believe he asked that q3

This guy who’s totally embarrassed for you

embarrassed for you

This guy who just wants to watch the game in peace

guy just wants to watch the game in peace

These horrified bystanders

horrified bystanders

This man and Martin Luther King who are both disappointed

man and mlk disappointed

NOT impressed by Hillary Clinton

not impressed by hilary clinton

This guy who regrets going to prom

prom regret

This security guard who’s weirded out by you

security guard whos weirded out by u

Seriously, guy?

seriously guy

This guy who’s sick of bread stereotypes

sick of bread stereotypes

This terrified couple

terrfied couple

Terry Crews can see right through your TV and he’s totally embarrassed

terry crews sees you through ur tv

These girls

these girls

And last but not least, this guy

this guy

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