27 Incredible Places to Visit on AirBnB Before You Die

These next places are so unique, and so out of this world that you have to make it your mission to visit at least one of these!

#1. The Cetusaurus, California, USA

the cetusaurus ca us

cetusaurus ca us

#2. Trullo in Itria Valley, Italy

trullo in itria valley italy

trullo in itria2

#3. Water Tower in London, UK

water tower london uk

water tower2

#4. Airplane suite, Netherlands

airplane suite2

airplane suite3

ariplane suite netherlands

#5. Bamboo house, Bali, Indonesia

bamboo house, bali indonesia

bamboo house2

bamboo house3

#6. Bus home, Sweden

bus home sweden

bus home2

#7. Cabana Floripa, Brazil

cabana floripa brazil

cabana floripa2

cabana floripa3

#8. Casa Arbol, Nicaragua

casa arbol nicaragua

casa arbol2

casa arbol3

#9. Container Home, Spain

container home spain

container home2

container home3

#10. Cubehouse, Rotterdam, Netherlands

cubehouse rotterdam netherlands



#11. Dog Bark Park Inn, Idaho, USA

dog bark park inn idaho us

dog bark2

#12. Elquidomos Astronomic Hotel, Chile

elquidomos astronimic hotel, chile



#13. George Washington’s pad, Virginia, USA

george washington2

george washingtons pad virginia

#14. House boat Marina Del Ray, California, USA

house boat marina del ray ca us

house boat2

#15. Hvar Tower, Croatia

hvar tower, croatia

hvar tower2

#16. Iglu village, Austria

iglu village, austria

iglu village2

iglu village3

#17. Kirkby Stephen Castle, UK

kirkby stephen castle uk

kirkby stephen2

#18. Mirrored house, Pittsburgh, USA

mirrored house pittsburgh us

mirrored house2

mirrored house3

#19. Mushroom dome cabin, California, USA

mushroom dome cabin ca us

mushroom dome2

mushroom dome3

#20. Nakagin Capsule Tower, Tokyo, Japan

nakagin capsule tower tokyo japan


#21. Nanuku Island, Fiji

nanuku island, fiji

nanuku island, fiji2

#22. Off grid house, California, USA

off grid ithouse ca us

off grid2

#23. Seashell house, Isla Mujeres, Mexico

seashell house isla mujeres mexico

seashell house2

#24. Ski lift, Alps, France

ski lift alps france

ski lift2

#25. St. Pancras Clock Tower, London

st pancras clock tower london uk

st pancras2

st pancras3

#26. Sugarloaf Point Lighthouse, Australia

sugarloaf point lighthouse australia

sugarloaf point2

#27. Teepee Cottage, Iceland

teepee cottage iceland

teepee cottage2

I’d stay in any one of these without a doubt! Don’t forget to share:)