17 Brilliant Breakfast Inventions That Will Redefine The Way You Live

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and these inventions are JUST the thing you need to make your mornings spectacular!

#1. Waffle pops? Yes please!

waffle pops

#2. Easy bacon and eggs in the microwave!

bacon and eggs microwave

#3. Bacon bowl? Yes!

bacon bowl

#4. Bacon. Syrup. Mug. Enough said.

bacon syrup mug

#5. All-in-one breakfast.

breakfast all in one

#6. Easy breakfast sandwich maker

breakfast sandwich maker

#7. Breakfast sandwiches

breakfast sanwiches

#8. Bubble waffles…the thing of the future!

bubble waffles

#9. Coffee, toast, and phone charger – why not?

coffee toast and usb charger

#10. Egg popsicle maker? Maybe not for me.

egg popsicle maker

#11. Egg shaper

egg shaper

#12. Emoticon pan

emoticon pan

#13. Why not make your own greek yogurt??

greek yogurt maker

#14. No-flip omelettes

noflip omelettes

#15. Secret warming drawer

secret warming drawer

#16. The much-needed waffle maker

waffle iron

#17. Waffle or omelette? Why not both!

waffle omelette or both

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