These 13 Food Combinations Will Make You Drool Like Nothing Else…and Also Give You Diabetes

Sure these next foods are horribly bad for you, but they’re also the stuff your dreams are made of.

#1. The meat mountain sandwich

meat mountain

#2. Mexican funnel cake churros, whipped cream, chocolate sauce, and strawberries

mexican funnel cake churros whipped cream choc sauce strawberries

#3. Monster baby meat sandwich

monster baby meat sandwich

#4. Pizza burger

pizza burger

#5. Tony’s BLT comprised of 1lb of bacon

tonys blt 1 lb bacon

#6. Bacon wrapped chicken wings

bacon wrapped chicken wings

#7. Deep fried apple dumplings

deep fried apple dumplings

#8. Doughnut breakfast burger

doughnut breakfast burger

#9. Elvis doughnut peanut butter banana bacon bits

elvis doughnut peanut butter banans bacon bits

#10. Giantwich


#11. Kit Kat lasagna

kit kat lasagna

#12. The mammoth burger

mammoth burger

#13. Maple bacon doughnut

maple bacon doughnut

Just looking at these pictures almost gave me a heart attack. Share with your foodie friends!