Seagulls Are About to be BANNED FROM EXISTENCE: Here Are 11 Reasons Why

Who knew seagulls were so vicious?!? We had no idea until we came upon these 11 pieces of proof. According to many, seagulls are not only becoming a nuisance, but also a danger to our pets and children.

#1. They attacked the Pope’s Doves of Peace

they attack the pope's doves of peace

#2. They don’t care about other animals

they dont care about other animals

#3. They don’t even respect EACH OTHER

they have no respect for one another

#4. They steal your ice cream

they steal your ice cream

#5. They are also becoming intelligent…too intelligent

becoming intelligent

#6. People now hire bird bouncers to protect from the seagulls

bird bouncers

#7. This lady has to wear a colander every time she steps in her garden

coleander lady

#8. They live a life of crime

life of crime

#9. They have ZERO RESPECT for authority

no respect for authority

#10. They photobomb


#11. They are even taking over the airways

taking over the airways

Please spread the word so that others may know the dangers of seagulls too!